Sunday, 1 September 2019

Back to School

Around  2005 I was given a 'Travelers Notebook' [TN] from Japan. It was a leather folder with elasticated bands that would hold pages in place. It was eye-wateringly expensive. It also appeared to have a cult like following of aficionados around the world who eagerly bought each annual special edition.

I soon realised that I could not afford to get hooked  although I could certainly admire the sheer marketing originality. That first one of mine was branded 'Midori'. The internet was soon awash with lower priced 'Fauxdori' versions. 

Last year I was in our local Wilko store and discovered a wonderful selection of 'Back to School' stationery at prices that made WH Smith look expensive. I was happy to buy an A5 size [about 6" wide x 8" high] Discovery Organiser for just £5 which, unlike the TN, included four notebook inserts.

It used the TN style system of elasticated bands threaded through the spine. These were tight enough to hold the inserts in place but, loose enough to allow them to be easily removed. A year on and it is still working well.

I've long subscribed to the therapeutic benefits of journaling. The Wilko notebook range suits me just fine. Each A5 book has around 40 sheets to yield 80 sides and, a real benefit for coastal dwellers, they are sewn into the covers rather than being stapled. Staples go rusty here!

The pages take 'V5 Pilot' ink and 'PaperMate Flair Ultrafine' well. They are sturdy enough to carry the weight of photographs on 80 gsm paper. If you don't like the rulings that are included in the Organiser then Wilko have a range of options, all around £2.

The Discovery comes with a Journal, A Yearly Planner, A lined notebook and a dot-grid notebook.

A useful design feature is a second popper closure that allows the PU cover to be shut even when the enclosed notebooks gain girth. In fact, I was so impressed that I bought another one a few days later!

Pages from my Journal

Search for a store near  you or to buy on line While surfing, check out all those sites that explain the benefits of journaling.

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